ZEN LUXURY cover image


The owners of this top floor penthouse required to uplift their apartment with glamorous finishes and furnishings but in the same time to give a warm feeling to the space.  

The concept started with the personal story of the family and their desire to achieve a “simple but luxurious feeling at the same time” which led to the idea to create this unique “zen luxury” look for their future home. 

The color palette for this project was simple, it consists of shades of beige and grey that contrast with designer additions in bright blue.

Massive lighting, silk wallpapers and custom made elements enhance the feeling of the space providing a sense of dynamism. A stylish mix of materials and textures such as natural stone, crystal elements, leather shelving and polished brass, emphasis the natural light that fills the apartment from ceiling to floor and create a muted sense of luxury.

We didn’t build a castle, but for sure felt like a fairy tale ending.

Project for studio IDEA

3D artist: Dimitar Nikolov